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OFFICIAL ACR TUNING AGENT. I am an ECU Remapping and DPF Specialist based in Penrith, Cumbria We believe reliability and driveability are paramount which along with improved BHP, torque and MPG make our maps highly sought after. At our premises, your home or your workplace, we can remap your vehicle to meet your needs and requirements using industry leading mapping equipment and software. We write our software in house, whilst at the same time working in close partnership with some of the best tuning companies from across Europe. We have ultimate flexibility in both the range of vehicles that we tune, and we pride ourselves on providing the customer with the very best solution for their needs. ​We offer tuning solutions for a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars and light commercial vans ECONOMY REMAPS STAGES 1-2 EGR SOFTWARE DPF SOFTWARE POP AND BANG REV LIMIT REMOVAL HHO CARBON CLEANING GET IN TOUCH FOR INFO

Cost effective solutions

Do you want to save £100s per year do you have a tired car constantly having to make it work harder to get it where you want it to be, down on power lower fuel economy than expected? Let me give it a new lease of life Power increases Torque increases Fuel economy increases. Contact me for info and prices.

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One thing that sets our remaps apart from the competition is our commitment to ongoing training and development. You can rest assured that each and every member of our team is highly trained, and committed to keeping their skills up to date. We take our jobs seriously, and always bring passion and commitment to each and every job we take on.


Finance available over 4 months Pay 25% on the day followed by 3 0% monthly Payments. No hidden fees or charges and no credit checks.


WHAT IS Carbon cleaning is an effective way of removing carbon deposits in the internals of an engine, turbo, EGR and DPF systems. - WHY IS HYDROGEN SO EFFECTIVE AT CLEANING MY ENGINE? Hydrogen is highly flammable much more so than petrol so when your engine ignites the hydrogen the explosion ignites the petrol with much better results (cleaner, less waste and fewer emissions) than it would otherwise have done. The hydrogen burns at a higher rate than fuel. When driving at high speeds on a motorway, your engine will reach very high temperatures. What we have created is a way to simulate motorway speeds but while the car at idle on your driveway. Because the hydrogen is burning faster along with fuel the engine will reach optimal temperature at idle. While this cycle is in process, the hydrogen is stripping the carbon from the walls of the engine and parts. This is a very safe way and will not over heat the engine or damage anything along the way. The hydrogen´s higher burn temperature and explosive force is such that it cleans the soot that collects in the engine. With a cleaner engine you get better mileage, quieter engine, better fuel economy, better response, and it also recovers lost BHP over the years. · More Responsive · Lower Emissions · Potential Fuel Savings · Smoother Performance · Restored Power · Enhanced Driving Experience · Less Vibrations · Restored Torque A carbon clean is a preventative service and whilst we recommend a carbon clean alongside your annual service, we also recommend for it to be completed when and where possible. The build-up of carbon is the result of a lot of engine and turbo failures. This is the main cause of breakdowns.


TDVS is proud to announce that we now cover HGV trucks, plant machinery and various other commercial engines. Increase your trucks pulling power Increase your trucks fuel efficiency Save upto £7000 a year on fuel costs


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